Junior Einstein Science Workshops suitable from 4 years +

Fun-Filled, Action Packed and Absolutely Unforgettable!

Encourage your ‘Junior Einstein’ to explore and be curious about the world around them, because showing a child how fascinating science is through hands-on fun can really open their eyes to this world and even create a lifelong passion.

  • See your children enthralled by two types of SLIME*
  • Give a Barbie doll a hair raising experience on a Van Der Graff generator.
  • Light up lightsabres with a plasma ball
  • Shoot giant smoke rings at each other with special smoke cannons.
  • Watch the bubbling, foaming elephant toothpaste reaction.
  • Experience mesmerising “walking water”, hand boilers & energy sticks.
  • Understand electricity by experiencing “static”, and learn the difference between voltage and current. Can you touch 250,000 volts?

*SLIME – The children can make and take home slimy slime as they learn about long-chain polymerisation and non-Newtonian fluids… This is slime they can even punch!

Pricing: 1 hour science workshop €12 pp (min. 10 people)

Why not turn it into a science party and add hot food in one of our themed party rooms for an extra €6 pp
Food Options:

  • Supermac’s 3 pizza slices with soft drink/cordial/water
  • Supermac’s chips, chicken nuggets, cocktail sausages with soft drink/cordial/water
  • Healthy lunch alternative – a sandwich or wrap (choice of meats and fillings) & fruit juice.